Create and edit fonts in many formats: OpenType, TrueType, AAT, PostScript, Multiple Master, CID-Keyed, SVG and various bitmap formats


Learning FontForge is easy – get started designing your own fonts with the tutorial. The entire interface is fully documented.

Scripting allows designers to get repetitive tasks done quickly, and FontForge has excellent scripting support with both its own scripting language and Python.

FontForge can be customized so it feels familiar, from hotkeys to visual themes and a translatable interface.

You can share copies of FontForge freely and make changes under a libre license. You are invited to participate in this project; your bug reports, feature suggestions, donations, tutorial ideas and code contributions are all welcome! Learn more…


FontForge is FREE!

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Video Tutorials

Community Development

FontForge is maintained by the community on GitHub. It was originally created by George Williams, as a retirement project from 2000 until 2012. History...

If you find a bug, please open-up an issue on the repository. Guidelines...

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Installation, workflow—any question answered


New features, crash reports, and code reviews are now happening with Github issue tracker

Activate the Watch feature of the Github project to join the issue tracker discussions via email

There is also a developer mailing list for background discussions

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