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generate a font thumbnail image

fontimage [--o outfile] [--width num] [--height num] [--pixelsize num] [--fontname] [--text string] [--version] [--help] fontfile

Fontimage produces a thumbnail image of a font (which may be in any format fontforge can read).

You may either explicitly specify text to be displayed in the font, or rely on fontimage's default behavior, which is to check for various scripts it knows about and display something appropriate for each one present.

Displays a list of arguments and descriptions of each.
--width num
Specifies the width (in pixels) of the output image. If omitted the image will be as wide as it needs to be to display the text.
--height num
Specifies the height (in pixels) of the output image. If omitted the image will be as high as it needs to be to display the text.
--o outputfile
Specifies the name of the output image file. The format is determined by the extension. Currently only ".bmp" and ".png" are supported. If omitted, fontimage will choose a filename based on the fontname of the font.
--pixelsize num
Specifies the pixelsize at which to display text. This may be specified multiple times. Each specification applies to any --text arguments which occur after it.
Include the fontname as a line of text.
--text string
Specifies a string to be displayed. The string must be in UTF-8. This option may be provided multiple times to supply more than one line of text. If omitted entirely, fontimage will examine the scripts it knows about in the font and will display text appropriate to each one present.
Displays the fontimage version.

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Font: Point size: DPI:
Text: (If you leave this blank, fontimage will generate some default text showing all scripts in the font)