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Menu Hot Keys

Ctl-A Select All Ctl-Shft-A Build Accented Glyph Alt-Ctl-A Select All Points
Ctl-B Regenerate Bitmaps Ctl-Shft-B Bitmaps Available
Ctl-C Copy Ctl-Shft-C Copy Fg to Bg Alt-Ctl-C Copy Lookup Data
Ctl-D Show/Hide Points Ctl-Shft-D Correct Direction
Ctl-E Find Problems Ctl-Shft-E Expand Stroke
Ctl-F Fit in Window Ctl-Shft-F Font Info Alt-Ctl-F Find / Replace Alt-Ctl-Shft-F Replace With Reference
Ctl-G Copy Reference Ctl-Shft-G Generate Fonts Alt-Ctl-G Generate Mac Family
Ctl-H Open Outline Ctl-Shft-H AutoHint Alt-Ctl-H Review Hints
Ctl-I Get Info Ctl-Shft-I Import Alt-Ctl-Shft-I Glyph Info Alt-Ctl-I Show Dependencies...
Ctl-J Open Bitmap Ctl-Shft-J Join
Ctl-K Open Metrics Ctl-Shft-K Auto Kern Alt-Ctl-Shft-K Merge Feature Info
Ctl-L Set LBearing Ctl-Shft-L Set Width
Ctl-M Merge Point Ctl-Shft-M Simplify Alt-Ctl-M Elide Point Alt-Ctl-Shft-M Simplify More
Ctl-N New Ctl-Shft-N
Ctl-O Open Ctl-Shft-O Remove Overlap
Ctl-P Print Ctl-Shft-P Alt-Ctl-P Display
Ctl-Q Quit Ctl-Shft-Q Close
Ctl-R Set RBearing Ctl-Shft-R Revert File Ctl-Alt-R Revert Glyph
Ctl-S Save Ctl-Shft-S Save As
Ctl-T AutoInstr Ctl-Shft-T AutoTrace
Ctl-U Unlink Reference Ctl-Shft-U
Ctl-V Paste Ctl-Shft-V Paste Into
Ctl-W Copy Width Ctl-Shft-W Auto Width
Ctl-X Cut Ctl-Shft-X Add Extrema
Ctl-Y Redo Ctl-Shft-Y
Ctl-Z Undo Ctl-Shft-Z
Ctl-\ Transform
Ctl-Shft-_ Round to Int
Ctl-1 Make First Ctl-Shft-! Alt-Ctl-1 Invokes user script
Ctl-2 24 pixel outline
Curve Point
Ctl-Shft-@ Average Points Alt-Ctl-2 Invokes user script
Ctl-3 36 pixel outline
Corner Point
Ctl-Shft-# Space Points Alt-Ctl-3 Invokes user script
Ctl-4 48 pixel outline
Tangent Point
Ctl-5 Anti-Alias Ctl-Shft-% 32x8 cell window
Ctl-6 Fit To Em Ctl-Shft-^ 16x4 cell window
Ctl-7 72 pixel outline
Ctl-8 Ctl-Shft-* 8x2 cell window
Ctl-9 96 pixel outline
Ctl-0 Add Anchor Point...
Ctl-] Next Glyph Ctl-Shft-} Next Point
Ctl-[ Prev Glyph Ctl-Shft-{ Prev Point
Ctl-. Execute Script
Select First Point
Ctl-Shft-> Goto Alt-Ctl-. First Point, Next Contour
Ctl-, Select Point At Ctl-Shft-< Find In Font View Alt-Ctl-, Points on Selected Contours
Escape Deselect All Ctl-Escape Invert Selection
Backspace Clear
Delete Clear
Ctl-= Grid Fit Anti Alias Ctl-Shft-+ Bigger Pixel Size
Bigger Point Size
Alt-Ctl-Shift-+ Zoom In
Ctl-- Smaller Pixel Size
Smaller Point Size
Alt-Ctl-- Zoom Out
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Hot Keys are now configurable through a gettext based mechanism.

Different Keyboards

The above descriptions assume you are using a keyboard for an IBM pc or compatible. But different keyboard vendors label their keys differently and different versions of X may map them differently.

I am aware of the following significant differences:

FontForge will attempt to guess what keyboard you are using and produce menus with hot-key indicators that match the host machine. If you are displaying on a different machine from the one you are running on the menu names may be wrong. You can fix this up with the keyboard resource, or the -keyboard command line argument.

Tool modifiers in the Outline Glyph Window

Tool Modifier Result Tool Modifier Result
pointer Shift Constrain horizontal/vert or italic angle/45° Magnify
When dragging a magnification area,
make it square
Alt Select control points before normal points
Shift-Alt Constrain control point motion to original angle from point
freehand Shift Constrain horizontal/vert/45° scroll Shift Constrain scroll either in single direction or
by same amount in both directions
add curve Shift Constrain horizontal/vert/45° from last point add corner Shift Constrain horizontal/vert/45° from last point
add tangent Shift Constrain horizontal/vert/45° from last point pen Shift Constrain points h/v/45 from last point
Constrain control points h/v/45 from point
knife Shift Constrain horizontal/vert/45° ruler Shift Constrain measurement to one direction
Alt Give current position more accurately
scale Shift Constrain either to scale along x or y axis or
scale both axes the same
rotate Shift Constrain rotation to a multiple of 45° skew
3d rotate perspective
rect/elipse Shft square/circle polygon/star Shift Constrains so that one of the vertices is

Modifer keys for arrow keys in the Outline Glyph Window

- or -

Makes the arrow keys scroll
Alt Makes the arrow keys move by ten times as much as they would otherwise

The menus

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